Brand Name Change

Our Brand has changed! 
Lux Supplement --> Toplux®


Dear Customers, we appreciate your business. We want to announce that we have updated our brand to Toplux.
You will receive Toplux Branded products starting October 2019. It is going to take some time until we are fully transitioned to the new brand since we just started to print new labels for our products. However, this is only a change in brand, our products, quality and formulation have stayed the same, Only the brand on the label is different :)

We are also changing our website domain name to . For any future orders or inquiries, please visit our fully redesigned new website at the address above. 
We are also planning to launch new lines of Toplux Branded products for Toplux Supplement, Toplux Gummies, Toplux Beauty and etc. Stay tuned for more info!

Should you have any question, please feel free to contact us at:
We are excited to about this change, and we will continue to deliver best quality supplements to our customers.