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Reviews (1258)

Tatanisha Howard
Worked for hand and joint pain

I bought these for my husband who suffers from pain in his joints, especially his hands. We tried a reputable fish oil and a popular joint pain supplement. The fish oil alone helped a bit and the joint supplement just made it much worse. We decided to give magnesium a try. This brand had the form, potency and quality we wanted. Since using these my husbands joint/hand pain has reduced dramatically. He can use his hands without constant pain. These also helped improve his regularity and sleep quality. We are happy customers.

Sophiya Efros
Effective and easy to take

I've used this supplement for a month now, and, compared to other magnesium supplements I've used, this is the best so far. The capsules are easier to swallow than tablets, it doesn't upset my stomach like other supplements, and it seems to get absorbed quickly. I have a very physical job, and this magnesium complex helps with muscle pain recovery and avoiding cramps, as well as regulating my mood.

Tiffany C
Helps lower blood pressure with regular use

I really like this magnesium. I've read where glycinate was one of the most absorbable magnesium. By the help and grace of God and using this magnesium, I have been getting better sleep and it has lowered my blood pressure without causing stomach irritation. I have used several other magnesium supplements and this is the one that I can actually feel it making a good difference in my body. I plan to keep ordering them and taking on a regular basis. Even though the pills are large, they are easy to swallow.

S Thompson
I'm sleeping better

I've been using this product almost 3 weeks now. I have felt so much better. I am finally sleeping better and feel less tired and blue during the day. Easy to swallow. I have had no side effects.

Highly Recommend this Magnesium

I cannot say enough about this magnesium. It works really well and is the first to actually help me to fall asleep at night. I also do not wake up tired from it but I just begin to feel more sleepy and am out for the night. It also seems to really help what I call my twisting legs. This is where my shin bones feel like they are twisting in my calf and my toes will do this as well. Anyway I highly recommend this product as it seems to be the first that truly works. I have tried many without all of the same affects. I had gastric bypass a long time ago and have issues with absorption.

Elizabeth P
This product has saved my sanity

This product has completely eliminated my waking up due to severe psoriatic arthritis in my hands. It has helped me get to sleep and stay asleep all through the night. I will be subscribing to this product through Toplux.

Tom S
Natural product for sleep issues.

Seems to work nicely when taken near bedtime as I was directed by someone with natural/herbal knowledge. Helps me get to sleep faster and then stay asleep for longer than I was before starting this product. Very satisfied and I will be buying this again. Deals will be appreciated on pricing if possible. Thanks.

Douglas Cooper
Sleeping Through the Night

I started taking this at the recommendation of a therapist to help promote nighttime relaxation and avoid waking up in the middle of the night or waking up with any hip pain from sleeping in one position. So far it has worked very well. For the last several nights I haven\'t woken up at all or with any aches and pains. Plan on continuing with this product!

Sharon Smith
My muscle cramps are fewer and less severe

Only been taking a few days but it is definitely helping my sleep quality . My muscle cramps are fewer and less severe, hopefully will keep improving. Be aware it also improves bowel movement . I wouldn't take the recommended dose of 3 in the beginning unless you are going to be at home.

Delivers on claims!! Great product!

This is the best magnesium supplement that I've used! ( which is alot) I get terrible leg cramps especially after doing a lot of yard work. Since I've started this magnesium, the cramps have stopped. No more guzzling pickle juice! These do not irritate my stomach like other brands. I find that my sleep quality is better. The capsules are easy to swallow. If your looking for a high quality magnesium supplement Get this one!

Allison Sofaly
Very helpful!

I've been taking this for 10 days now and can definitely feel the decrease in my muscle aches. Also I am sleeping through the night most nights which is a huge improvement.

Teresa Gallogly
No ache in my hip

I suffer with hip pain and could not lay on my side for more than 15 minutes and then the hip would just ache. Since taking this daily i can sleep on my side and no aches in my hip. I love this supplement!

Helps prevent night time leg cramps

I've always taken magnesium supplements but didn't know that the type of magnesium makes a huge difference. This product helps with night time leg cramps and has improved my sleep. I'm happy I researched and found this brand.

Helped with my sleep and has other benefits too!

I have been taking Toplux's Magnesium Glycinate Complex supplements for 11 days now, 3 capsules at night, and it has helped me to fall asleep faster and to stay asleep longer. And with all of the other benefits you get from taking it, I plan on taking it daily. They are easy to swallow capsules.

Adam M 15
Great product!

Review by Adam M. on 16 May 2021review stating Great product!I have been taking this for a couple of months now and it really helps with joint pain and inflammation. Fantastic product that works as advertised!

Deborah W.
A mineral product your body needs to grow and make you feel healthy.

I knew something was missing with my lack of sleep and energy level. Researched many products and decided to try magnesium glycinate complex after reading its reviews A and coverage. I am pleased to say how well this has changed the way I feel everyday. I highly recommend this product to my friends and family.

This supplement would help so much with sleep.

This is a very good product. It helped a lot with my long time sleep problems. I had a much better and sound sleep when I started taking it.

Awesome product

Ran out of this a while ago and I sure can tell the difference when not taking it. It helps tremendously with muscle cramping in my legs. Another plus is that it keep me regular !! I will definately buy this product again and I would hightly reccomend it.

Great product!

Magnesium was recommended by my doctor. I started taking this product in September and since then I have had less leg twitching during sleep. And I've been sleeping longer and more peacefully at night. This product enhances the effects of the other supplements that I take. I'm male over the age of 55, and I read the medical research on mag. glycinate and it has a better absorption capability than magnesium citrate.

Best Magnesium supplement!

This was my second purchase of this product and I bought it based upon the positive reviews and after researching the best type of Magnesium to take. I have been taking this supplement along with Zinc and a homemade mixture of Apple Cider Vinegar, Sea Salt, and Lemon Juice for electrolytes since I am on a low carb/zero sugar diet. On it's own, this Magnesium supplement has helped with headaches and helps keep insulin spikes at bay. Will continue to purchase as long as it is available.

Great product! No more restless nights

I’ve tried a few other brands before, but after the first week of using this one I feel much better, no more restless nights and no more leg cramps, I used to get those since I was in my teens. I am very happy with this product and will continue to use it.

Very Pleased

Very pleased with this product. I am sleeping better and I have less muscle aches and pain. I am also taking for heart health. It is a gentle form so does not cause diarrhea.

Magnesium Glycinate

I have been taking it now for almost a month and the product seems to be working well so far. This supplement has helped me to sleep more soundly than I have slept in my adult life. I thought I would always be a light and restless sleeper. Did not want to use sleep aid medications. I have been amazed at the difference Magnesium Glycinate has made (with no side effects).

Sleeping Better

The short time I have been using it, I am sleeping much better. Plan to keep using it!!

*DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The views and nutritional advice expressed by Toplux Supplement are not intended for the purpose of providing medical advice. Please always consult your health care provider if you are taking any medications or have any medical condition. Individual results may vary.
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